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Displays memorabilia on the evolution of communication equipment from the early years to present

Living History of Philippine Media


Present Manila Bulletin




Old Manila Bulletin
Manila Bulletin, oldest existing newspaper in the country, started as a shipping journal in 1900. its owner, publisher and editor was Carson Taylor, an American.In 1912, Manila Bulletin expanded to include news of general interest and remained as a mouthpiece of the Americans even after 1946 under Taylor. It later become Bulletin Today owned by Hans Menzi. In 1986, it resumed publication under new owner, Emilio Yap.

Old Manila Chronicle Building

Manila Chronicle, started by a group of pre-war newspapermen in 1945, was sold to businessman Don Eugenio Lopez, brother of then vice president Fernando Lopez. It was building up a name as a paper of quality when martial law was imposed and the chronicle was closed.

Old Daily Express Building

The newspaper Daily Express, four months old (established June 1972) wa among those broadsheets allowed to resume operations during Marial Law.

Reportedly owned by Roberto S. Benedicto, a Marcos crony, its publisher was Juan Perez, publisher

Old Philippine Daily Inquirer Building

Philippine Daily Inquirer founded on December 9, 1985 became the leading newspaper after the EDSA revolution in 1986.

Old Philippine Press Institute Building

PPI's mission was to professionalize the Philippne press through continuing education, adoption of the Journalists COde of Ethics, and the giving of Community Press Awards.

Old Manila Times Building

The newspaper Manila Times was established by Joaquin Roces in place of the Tribune.

Present Manila Times Building

Up to the Martial Law, Manila Times led all the Philippine-languange dailies in cirulation.







Old Manila Times Building

Philippine Star Building

Old Diayro-de-Manila Building

Times Journal Building