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e-Local Governance New Media Technology for Public Service in Local Governments


Public service in a city or municipality through electronic communications or through an information communication technology (ICT) is eLOCAL GOVERNANCE. It is also a way of managing day-to-day affairs in the city or municipality.

To its residents, eLOCAL GOVERNANCE is a means to better and faster service. Obtaining permits and clearances online, which means using the computer and the internet, paying taxes, knowing the services in the health center, the day care center, barangay justice system, and knowing what job opportunities are available, are examples of services that may be given online through eLOCAL GOVERNANCE.

To the employees of the city or municipality, work can be achieved more efficiently and faster. Administrative, financial and executive functions may be done through computer programs developed by solutions providers. In-service training and seminars may be accessed, and employee benefits from GSIS, BIR, Pag-ibig, Philhealth may be had online. Transactions with these agencies may also be done through the service of eLOCAL GOVERNANCE.

To the businessmen, investment opportunities may be identified through the local government website. Links or networking with other businesses (B2B) in the community may be established. Getting permits and clearances may also be done on-line. Knowing the status of your business transactions with the local government is another function of eLOCAL GOVERNANCE.

Roundtable Forum on eLOCAL GOVERNANCE

The roundtable forum on eLOCAL GOVERNANCE is a one-whole day convergence of private citizens, executives from the local government sector, businessmen and the cyber-community. They will review policies, share lessons and experiences, showcase electronic hardware and software and link business to business (B2B) with the purpose of;

-Upgrading city or municipal government responses to public service and improving efficiency of governance that will eventually, through electronic communications, make them cope with modernization and globalization;

-Making residents of a city or municipality know the online services given by its local government; and

-Identifying local ebusiness opportunities and the role of local government units in promoting these business opportunities.

Forum Convenors

The Philippine Communication Centrum Foundation (PCCF) under the auspices of Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) are the lead convenors of the Forum, with the cooperation of UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines (UNACOM).


One of the outputs of the event is the selection and conferring of the title to the Best eLOCAL GOVERNMENT Website. This will be done at the end of the forum. The forum participants through ballots will vote on it.