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Who's Who in Broadcast Journalism


Noli de Castro

Maybe the most recognized man in Filipino news and current affairs, Noli De Castro's work on "TV Patrol", and "Magandang Gabi . . . Bayan" set him up to be a main figure in Filipino media. Many accredit him with the success and longevity of the two programs which are a mainstay of ABS-CBN. Not confining his talents and skills to television, De Castro also is anchor to the radio program "Kabayan". He does not simply read the news but he informs, and gives insights and at times even humor to his viewers and listeners.

Noli De Castro, Jr. was born on July 6, 1949 in Pola, Oriental Mindoro. His high school days were spent at Pola Catholic High School, he then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Banking and Finance from the University of the East.

His wife Arlene S. De Castro, by degree whom he has three children.

Starting his career 1976 as a field reporter of Johnny De Leon, he was elevated to announcer in 1982 at RPN's radio station, DWWW. In 1986 he made his break on TV as segment host on Good Morning, Philippines' "At your Service". It was also at this time he joined DZMM, radio station of ABS-CBN as anchorman of "Kabayan".

One year later, in 1987, he became host to "Magandang Gabi . . . Bayan" and anchorman of "TV Patrol". In January 1999 he became Over-all Head of Production of "TV Patrol" and Vice President of DZMM until February 2001 when he left to pursue his Political Career.

A pillar in the development of Filipino News and Current Affairs.

Received awards from non- government organizations and award giving bodies. De Castro has also been appreciated for his efforts in using his profession to follow issues close to his heart such as protecting the environment, public service, and public safety.

Noli De Castro has earned the respect of the Filipino audience through years of fearless, focused and committed reporting. He receives many letters thanking him about things he has featured and assisted with during his time as a media man. Running as Senator in the 2001 elections, his popularity was evident as he soared to the top of the polls.

His formula for success? Tenacity, integrity, and credibility.