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Who's Who in Broadcast Journalism


Cecilia "Che-che" L. Lazaro

Acclaimed as one of the outstanding women in the nation's service for broadcast journalism, Cecilia "Cheche" Lazaro has won numerous awards for her achievements as a journalist and a Filipina. She shares her knowledge and experience as a teacher, a speaker at various international conferences and as a broadcaster.

Cheche is founding president of Probe Productions INC. a company which produces quality programs regularly aired on Philippine television. As host and all around broadcaster, she conceptualizes many of the shows and projects, and sees to it that only credible and substantial programming is produced.

Between 1992 to 1995, Cheche Lazaro was chairman of the broadcast department at the University of the Philippines where she graduatedwith a bachelor of arts in speech and drama in 1966.

She went on to study her Masters degree in Radio-Television from the University of Michigan (1968).

She worked as director/manager of ABS-CBN's Public Affairs department (August 1985- December 1987) and was appointed Team leader/ Reporter for ABS-CBN's coverage of President Corazon C. Aquino's visit to Singapore and Indonesia. Recognized internationally for her achievements and contributions; Cheche was elected to the Board of Trustees and was named Board Secretary of the International Institute of Communication based in London, England.

It was due to her vast accomplishments in the field of broadcasting that the Malolos Heritage Foundation honored her as "Most outstanding daughter of Malolos". Her hard work has also been recognized by the American government as they awarded her the "Ninoy Aquino Fellowship for Professional Development".

Leaving her position at ABS-CBN in 1988, Cheche Lazaro put up her own production company, Probe Productions, choosing to follow a dream to produce substantial and adamant programs for the Filipino audience. Today, the multi-awarded company has become an independent force to think about in the network- dominated Philippine television industry.

Her brainchild, 'The Probe Team' the first Filipino investigative news magazine for television, has won both local and international recognition. It has received 'Gawad CCP Para sa Telebisyon "10 Best TV Programs of the Philippine Television" ten times, and in 2000 was Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) "Hall of Fame" winner. Cheche as host has been awarded 'Best News Magazine show host' nine times by the Star Awards.

Probe Productions produce deals with various topics and issues varying from environmental to children's programming. As a member and board adviser for the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, she is not scared of covering controversial stories and is prepared to go the distance to bring the truth.